Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Week Statistics

Dates: June 27—July 3

Throughout this experiment, I’ll post the statistics for the week. They will be in the form of a simple summary consisting of:

  • Cost of a gallon of gas for the week in Olympia, WA (from Plum St. Chevron)
  • What car-free modes of transport we used, and the total distance for each
  • Total car-free miles
  • Gallons of gas saved by not using the car
  • Gas money saved by not using the car
  • Total transit fares
  • Total miles driven
  • Gallons of gas used
  • Cost of gas used

Here are the statistics for the first week:

  • Gas in Olympia, WA this week: $4.43 per gallon
  • Total distance for each mode of car-free transportation
    • Walking: 17 miles
    • Bicycle: 18.6 miles
    • Bus: 5.95 mile
  • Total car-free miles: 41.55
  • Gallons of gas saved: 1.662
  • Gas expense saved: $7.36
  • Total transit fares: $2.25
  • Total miles driven: 95
  • Gallons of gas used: 3.8
  • Cost of gas used: $16.83

This week, we drove to Tacoma to run some errands. In order to make the most of our trip to Tacoma, we tried to include something enjoyable to do, rather than just driving up and back. On this trip, we took our kayaks and spent some time paddling in Chamber’s Bay.


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