Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cycling Friendly Cities

I came across this video today. The resolution on the YouTube version is poor. If you'd like to see a higher resolution version, you can find the video podcast (for iTunes users and those with m4v players) here.

What I appreciate about this is the effort that cities have put to make their cores livable areas; taking the emphasis away from motorized mobility, and putting it on human-powered mobility.

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CarFree Stupidity said...

Great find. Love the commentator in the video... he almost sounds like a computer.

I also like the statement at the very beginning... the one about people sitting and relaxing means that the city is well designed to make people feel comfortable.

A little voice popped into my head of a conservative businessman saying that people sitting around not being productive are just lazy pinko-commies that don't have gainful employment to go to. I don't know why this happend, but it did.