Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thought-provoking picture

Snow Falls In Kabul
I love photos of cyclists going about every day life by bike.  This photo from Kabul shows a different side to the city than we hear about in the media.  I look at the picture and wonder about the man on the bike.  Is he going to or from work?  Is he visiting family or his sweetheart.  You'd expect to see a photo like this in a park or country-side setting, not in front of a bombed out capitol building in what is still a war-torn area.

What thoughts does the photo bring to your mind?

(Hat tip to Yakota Fritz @ Cyclelicio.us for posting the pic)


CarFree Stupidity said...

hope springing from destruction

Anonymous said...

That even in the midst of war, ordinary people go on with their ordinary lives...they are the hope of the future.