Tuesday, September 9, 2008

August Statistics

Here's how the numbers looked for the second month of the project:

  • Average cost of gas in Olympia, WA for the month: $4.02 per gallon
  • Total distance for each mode of car-free transportation:
    • Walking: 41.15 miles
    • Bicycle: 83.29 miles
    • Bus: 192.28 miles
  • Total car-free miles: 316.22
  • Gallons of gas saved: 12.65
  • Gas expense saved: $51.30
  • Transit fares: $22.00
  • Total miles driven: 254.5
  • Gallons of gas used: 10.18
  • Cost of gas used: $40.20

Well, we now have two months behind us in this project. Gas usage went up this month, entirely due to our vacation out to the Olympic Peninsula. I'm really pleased with how we are doing with this.


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