Monday, October 6, 2008

14th Week Statistics

Dates: September 26 – October 2

Here are the statistics for the week:

  • Gas in Olympia, WA this week: $3.68 per gallon
  • Total distance for each mode of car-free transportation
    • Walking: 3.26 miles
    • Bicycle: 14.25 miles
    • Bus: 261 miles
  • Total car-free miles: 278.51
  • Gallons of gas saved: 11.14
  • Gas expense saved: $41.00
  • Total transit fares: $30.00
  • Total miles driven: 97
  • Gallons of gas used: 3.88
  • Cost of gas used: $14.28

What a week! We spent a lot of time on the road with two trips to Seattle. Since we were looking for housing on the second trip, we used my mom’s car to get from location to location. Even planning an hour and a half in between viewing appointments had us cutting it close in some cases to be on time.

After three months in which we’ve used the car very little, we found ourselves relieved to be out of the car. Running around in a steel box on wheels just feels alien to us now. It feels good to be walking and cycling around again!



Dave said...

Hey folks,
Couldn't find a contact so I thought I'd post a comment. Great blog. I seriously like what you are up to and gave you the site of the month spot on my blog at Drop me an email through the site if you would cuz I'd love to do a little internet video interview at some point.

Great work.


hungrydog said...

Love the blog (thanks for the link, Dave!) and hope you inspire more people to do this. I gave up my car on moving to Melbourne, but borrow a friend's whenever I need one. The longer I'm here, the less I find I need it. I enjoy taking things a little slower and watching the world go by, rather than coming at me.