Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting Back to "Normal"

With our recent move I feel I have spent more time in the car in the last few weeks than I did the entire rest of the year all together. We have walked for several little errands as we worked to put our new home together, but with all the trips back and forth between our old place and the new as we attempt to get rid of all the excess stuff we have acquired over the last few years, we just hadn't managed to get back into our usual routine, especially concerning grocery shopping. But today we had a day where we just planned on staying put and relaxing. No moving related work, whatsoever. This gave us the opportunity to slow down just enough to allow for a leisurely walk , instead of drive, to the nearby Whole Foods for the few grocery items we were needing or once seen, seemed to need (unfortunately we were hungry when we shopped!) This was a direction we really hadn't set off in before so there were many discoveries along the way, one of the great benefits of walking places. In a 9 to 10 city block area we discovered a local Italian restaurant that seemed to be doing a Thanksgiving Day feeding program, a creperie with organic ingredients on the menu, an apartment in a courtyard with a bird feeder that was being enjoyed by a wingless "bird" with a grey fluffy tail and a huge flock of Bushtits and Chickadees foraging in a very nicely landscaped area in front of a building. It's only on foot or maybe on a bike that I really get the opportunity to enjoy all the nature that graces a busy city like Seattle.

I look forward to the last couple trips being over with and a full return to "gettin' around" the way we so very much prefer.

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